case studies

1. International Oil and Gas Company:

The company was experiencing some difficulties in respect of incident investigation, particularly in relation to Offshore incidents. Investigations were poorly structured and tended to be led by people without relevant investigative experience or ability. The full root causes were not being identified which meant that any subsequent recommendations were a little too generic and sustainable learning and continuous improvement was not being achieved.

Vigilas Ltd. worked with the company and contributed to the development of an end to end incident recording and investigation procedure. Vigilas provided advice and recommendations as to the selection of company investigators and the attributes required. A cadre of lead investigators was identified, together with a pool of individuals who could make a meaningful contribution as part of an investigation team. Vigilas then designed and delivered bespoke incident investigation training both in the UK and in Canada, which enabled the company to structure and conduct investigations in a consistent way to a high standard.

This has now led to better corporate learning being captured and embedded, a reduction in the number of incidents and extremely favourable comments from the industry regulator who now rate this particular company in the top ten percentile for quality incident recording and investigating.

When asked how the company had achieved this turnaround, the Managing Director provided a one word response, “ Vigilas”.

When asked how the company had achieved this turnaround, the Managing Director provided a one word response, “ Vigilas”.

2. Leading International Aviation company:

This Dubai based company is one of the biggest in the sector. The company was experiencing problems with low level incident management, particularly in respect of the ground -handling sector. Incidents were not being properly recorded and subsequently investigated and the quality of the incident investigation was inconsistent. The Global Head of HSEQ contacted the Vigilas Managing Director as he had received previous training from Vigilas and was impressed with the style and format of the training, particularly the practical immersion part of the courses which actually puts delegates through the experience of a real investigation.

Vigilas designed and have now delivered a number of incident investigation courses to delegates from a number of countries within that company. The feedback received is consistently extremely positive. The company continues to expand on a rapid basis so Vigilas maintain a relationship with them, advise where appropriate and the plan is to roll out a series of further courses with a view to achieving a consistent, quality approach to incident investigation.

The Global Head of HSEQ commented that, “ It is a pleasure to be connected with a partner that understand and assists in the process of continuous learning. The experience these guys bring is a real benefit”.


3. Leading International Oil and Gas client:

In common with some other Oil and Gas companies, the Exploration and Production element of the company was separated in to a different company, which meant that the new entity was required to develop its own infrastructure and procedures. Having previously delivered a series of incident investigation training courses and having forged a lasting and productive relationship, Vigilas were approached to assist in the delivery of Kidnap and Ransom training. This was initially separated in to Gold ( Strategic level) and Silver ( Tactical level) courses. The training consisted of one day and 4 day courses, each of which were accredited by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives ( CILEX), and were delivered by trained and experienced hostage negotiators and crisis managers from within Vigilas. The courses and subsequent desk top exercises were extremely successful and have served to equip individuals within the company with the knowledge and confidence to manage such an incident should it occur anywhere in the world.

As a result of that success, Vigilas were further approached in a consultancy capacity to develop a comprehensive K and R procedure for that company, which is designed to dove tail perfectly in to existing ER procedures. That procedure has now been rolled out and Vigilas continue to assist with refresher training and desk top exercises to ensure that the company preparedness and response remains fit for purpose. Future plans include the delivery of K and R specific training for Family liaison personnel and company communicators.

Vigilas also provide a broader consultancy and support service for that company and have recently been deployed to lead an internal investigation.

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